Inaugural Message

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet.  This particular spot is intended to host my musings, reflections, and insights.

You may call me Ashley, Renée, or (as I am often addressed) “Miss”.  Only don’t really call me “Miss” if you’re over the age of fourteen.  By day, I am a humble middle school teacher.  By night, I am an internet denizen and lurker.  Until now, I have neglected curating my online presence with a face.  This is something which I seek to change, as I am starting to stagnate.

In this spot I hope to share on a deeper, more intrinsic level than may be found in my other social networking outlets.  Twitter, obviously, does not enable great verbosity.

I will be setting up a feed of some of my literary analysis scribblings (which I seek a home for now that I find myself drawn from traditional academia and into the museums and digital realm).  Feel free to peruse, vehemently deny, or just enjoy as it passes.

I have already posted a work pondering the performance outcomes of suicide in Shakespeare’s works.  Don’t worry, I have lighter topics to share.

Yours Affectionately,



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